IT strategy planning


Business of any size or market sector benefits from having a coherent strategy to structure IT growth by controlling expenditure and providing a framework for the adoption of new hardware, applications and technologies.

An IT strategy needs to be a forward looking document, but such is the pace of technological change and the breadth of the IT market that it can be very difficult to look into the future and understand which innovations will be cost effective and of benefit to your business. Any useful strategy should not only take account of where you want your business to be, but where you are at the moment, and should consider how best to leverage existing investment to achieve your goals. It’s also critical to review your strategy on a routine basis to ensure it continues to track business requirements.

Hayes IT Consultancy have helped small businesses to define a strategy where there was none, looking beyond marketing hype to provide an honest assessment of the most appropriate technologies and processes that optimised IT spending and structured the growth of the IT environment.

Larger companies have the skills to define IT strategy in-house but we find that it’s often very difficult within a larger environment for IT staff to see the wood for the trees. Hayes IT Consultancy provide independent views of the ways in which IT can work with and support the business, often highlighting areas and technologies that had been overlooked by staff who are so familiar with the existing environment that they miss alternative IT delivery possibilities.

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